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 Come Home to the Spirit of Love & Reconnect to Your Soul's Essence

Extend your manifestation journey beyond the material realm of relationships, possessions, and career aspirations. Your life's unique journey and the circumstances you encounter beckon you to dive deeper into the boundless love that resides within you. They invite you to open yourself to levels of growth and evolution that transcend the limitations of the mind's comprehension. Often, the mind may replace this potential with fear as a protective mechanism to prevent you from envisioning what is truly possible.

However, when you reach a profound state of inner connection, this bond becomes an unshakeable source of trust within yourself. It overrides fear and illuminates the path to a vast and trustworthy aspect of our human existence. It is an awakening, an invitation to embody the multi-dimensional, soulful being that you are. This divine dialogue will serve as your compass on the journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

EmbodyDivine Love & Unconditional Presence

Living a life of divine love is to embrace each moment as a sacred gift. It's about being fully immersed in the now, free from the weight of judgments, expectations, and attachments. In this state, you radiate love from the depths of your being, sharing it with all living things, and realizing that love is not something to be earned but freely give

To live a life of unconditional presence is to dance with the universe, harmonizing with the rhythms of existence. It's a journey of awakening, a path where every step is a testament to the beauty and grace of simply being. In this way, we become vessels of love, illuminating the world with our light and inspiring others to embark on their own journey towards unconditional presence and divine love.​​

Emotional Energy Body Reading

During our time together, I help you identify the subconscious energies in your emotional energy body, bringing awareness to them with love and releasing them back into the cosmos. 

channelled energy clearing

Through the Akashic field and the help of your guides, I channel your pure soul essence to clear any blocked energies in your field that are ready to be cleared and create a new pathway and timeline in your life's circumstances.

inner child & soul integration

Through Chanelling your soul essence, we help integrate your healed inner child that holds within him/her the beauty of the soul beyond the stories told by trauma wounds.

Tarah Chiles

I am grateful for the opportunity that I got with Lylah.  She impacted my life in a lot of ways. Her support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me navigate through some of the most challenging hurdles I've faced. Lylah's compassionate nature and expertise has provided me with the strength and tools necessary to overcome obstacles I never thought possible.

What truly sets Lylah apart is her ability to recognize and address the parts of myself that were in need of healing, even when I wasn't fully aware of them. Through her insightful perspective and empathetic approach, she has gently guided me towards self-discovery and self-compassion. I truly believe that she gave me the strength to confront deep-seated issues and wounds, allowing me to embark on a journey of healing and personal growth.]

She created a safe and nurturing space where I felt comfortable enough to explore my vulnerabilities and confront my fears. Her encouragement and belief in my potential have empowered me to embrace my journey with courage and resilience.

Her impact on my life is immeasurable, and I am forever grateful for her presence on my path to healing and self-discovery.

Alliyah Garcia

I am beyond grateful for the transformative experience I've had with Lylah. Her profound connection to spiritual work shines through in every session. Lylah's dedication to healing goes above and beyond; she's truly a beacon of light guiding me through the journey to heal my inner child. 

What sets Lylah apart is her unwavering commitment to getting to the root of the issue. She gently encoruages me to explore my emotions and confront the barries holding me back, all while offering an abundance of love,  compassoin and grace. It's evidence that she appraoches her work with a genuine desire to facilitate deep healing and growth. 

Lylah goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel heard, supported and valued throughout their journehy towards healing and growth. her compassionate approach creates a safe and nurturing space where clients can explore their deepest emotions and vulnerabilities without judgement. Lylah's dedication to her clients' well-being is truly inspring and her unwavering support is a testament to her genuine committment to making a positive difference in their lives. 

Thanks to Lylah's guidance, I ahve been able to work through many challenges and real life issues such as weight gain, anxiety, dperession, perfectionism and childhood wounds. Lylah has guided me to a new way of thinking, and healing. I can't recommend her enough to anyone seeking deep transformation and spiritual guidance. Lylah is a true gem!

"The ultimate truth of our identity lies in love itself. Love doesn't require constant affirmation of its worthiness or adequacy; it stands unwavering in its essence. Love doesn't cower at the thought of being 'too much'; it simply exists, authentically and unapologetically"

Let's Work Together If:

​You are trapped in a vicious cycle of manifesting old patterns: You are feeling trapped in old manifestation techniques and painful patterns, yearning for a more authentic and soul-aligned journey

You want to connect to your own soul's path independent of what everyone might be telling you to do:  Each soul's journey is one-of-a-kind, this journey is about helping you rediscover and walk your unique path to self-realization.

You want to find  Deeper Meaning:  You want to learn to Embrace the events and circumstances in your life as stepping stones to growth and self-realization. I help you decode the messages that life is offering and utilize them for your evolution.

You want to develop Trust in Body and Soul: Experience the profound shift from relying solely on the mind to trusting your body and soul. Learn to feel and understand the wisdom they hold, bringing harmony to your life.

You want to experience Liberation from Addiction: Whether it's emotional patterns, substances, or toxic relationships, we  help you break free from the chains of addiction and reclaim your power through your soul essence connection

You experience feelings of aloness and powerlessness: Through cultivating Self-Connection: We'll guide you to establish a deep and unshakable connection with your inner self, empowering you to become the person you were destined to be, even if the path seems uncertain.

You want to let go of egoic control & Embrace the Unknown: We will  Dissolve your fear of the unknown and learn the art of surrender and we will discover the beauty in life's unfolding journey while tapping into your innate ability to create and transform your reality with love.

As an open channel, I receive guidance from your higher self and the angels that surround you. This connection is an innate gift we all share, but at times, it becomes obstructed by the weight of subconscious energies and negative identities that prevent us from fully experiencing this profound connection.

My purpose is to assist in the liberation of these energy blockages, clearing the path for individuals to find a deeper, more meaningful connection and trust within themselves and the universe. I assist in provide the grounding that people need to navigate life with greater ease and flow, unlocking the door to a more harmonious existence.

Daniel Joha

When I first spoke to Lylah, I felt depressed and lost as I had been feeling for most of the past few years. During our work together, it is almost like she woke me up from the slumber I had been in for what felt like most of my life. She channelled guidance regarding my true purpose in this life and woke me up to the realization that my existence matters. She helped me realize I no longer have to live within others expectations and can live a soulfully independent life in accordance with my own joy. It has been a few months and I feel more like myself than I have in years. I now make life decisions and show up based on what I want for myself and not what others do for me. I feel a level of freedom I have never felt before and am so very grateful for Lylah's work

Karishma Donde

When I first came to Lylah, it was because I was tired of looking at my face in the mirror. It had changed and transformed so much from my late twenties to now my late thirties. Finally, one day, I sent Lylah a picture of my face and I told her that I don’t feel like myself and that it was depressing to even look at pictures of myself because of how I looked. One look at the picture and Lylah was able to tell that the energy in my face was off,  because my face needed an energy clearing and emotional work. It took a few months to start seeing changes (which Lylah had told me it would at the end of her clearing), but now not only do I feel better about the appearance of my face, but I also feel like there is a difference within me emotionally. 

Kristin Jent

Lylah has helped me understand the perceived chaos of my life and guided me in transmuting it into an understanding that there is a divine order. She helped me find the depth of love within me to deal with tense relationships and to perceive what was going on from a the place of my soul's essence. She helped me connect to my root and throat chakras which had been blocked for several years and opened them up in a way that has helped me speak up in situations where I was always silent or in an anxious state of fear. Her guidance was always on  point for all my life circumstances and as long as I had the receptivity and courage to follow it, all the circumstances have evolved into something beautiful. She helped me to surrender to letting life unfold the way it should and ground myself into a deep level of trust within me with the knowing that I am forever and always divinely guided. 

"Embracing your soul's path and awakening to the guidance of your higher self will unveil the immense power and significance of your existence. In this realization, the need for numbing or escaping through emotional, physical, or addictive behaviors will naturally dissolve. You'll find solace and strength in the authenticity of your journey, allowing you to live a life enriched by purpose and self-discovery, free from the chains of self-destructive habits."

Soul EssencePrograms

Soul Awakening

-6 weeks-

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with 6 weeks of personalized Channelled Guidance and Energy Reading and Healing Sessions. This unique experience is tailored to align with your soul's true purpose, guiding you towards a path of profound awakening to your essence. We will decipher the intricate connections between your current life circumstances and your soul's awakening and expansion. The 6 -week Soul Awakening program is designed to help you unlock your hidden potential and embrace this season of your soul's growth and development.

Soul embodiment

-3 months-

Transform your life over the course of 12 weeks with customized Channelled Guidance and Energy Reading and Healing sessions. These sessions are meticulously tailored to your unique journey of soul actualization, providing you with a roadmap to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven and  life.

We will help you align your soul's essence and purpose with your present circumstances, equipping you with the tools and wisdom to transform everything into the powerful energy of love and purpose. This transformation will empower you to walk through life with a profound sense of inner peace and unwavering ease.

Soul Evolution

-6 months-

Commit to a profound transformation with the  comprehensive Soul Evolution 24-week program of  Channelled Guidance and Energy Reading and Healing sessions. This journey is entirely dedicated to evolving your current energy into the full embodiment and evolution of your soul's path, ensuring a remarkable shift in your life's trajectory .During these 24 weeks, we will work to shed light on your deepest transformations aligning them with your unique soul journey. The goal is to guide you toward the complete evolution of your soul's purpose and potential. Imagine embracing your soul's path in its entirety, allowing it to manifest fully in your everyday life. 


Journey Together:

Amplify Your Intuition: Dive deep into the well of your intuition and build an unshakable connection with your inner self. Harness the power of your intuition as your trusted guide.

Embrace Freedom: Bid farewell to anxiety, depression, and loneliness. We help you transform these emotions into self-love and personal growth, freeing yourself from painful patterns and attachments.

Illuminate Your Soul Path: Gain crystal-clear clarity on your evolving soul path, and understand how your current circumstances are leading you toward your destiny.

Live with Purpose: Discover how to live with purpose, irrespective of your current circumstances. Every action you take, no matter how small, becomes a part of your grand life mission.

Radiate Unconditional Love: Embody the divine power of unconditional presence and love in your everyday life, bringing joy, harmony, and healing to your existence.

Journey to Your Highest Destiny: Whether it's quitting a job, forging new relationships, or practicing self-love, we guide you on the path of your highest destiny, one step at a time.

Master Inner Guidance: Understand the difference between your Inner Child's "Feel Good" Guidance and your Soul's "Feel Good" Guidance, and learn how to trust both.

Transmute Pain into Love: Transform painful situations into profound lessons and a source of love for yourself and others.

Bask in Universal Love and Protection: Feel safe, protected, and unconditionally loved at all times, regardless of your circumstances, knowing the universe and those around you have your back.

Brittany Crystal

"Lylah is such a beautiful embodiment of the divine feminine. She has helped me so much with identifying my limiting beliefs and how to reparent the wounded inner child. You can tell she has done the deep healing work herself. The trauma that lived in my body made me feel unsafe to feel my feelings. Lylah creates a safe place for me to express and love all of my emotions. I am now starting to get comfortable feeling all of my feelings without shame. Lylah has helped me identify deep parts of my shadow and guided me how to love them. I’m so grateful spirit led me to Lylah!"

Craig Malik

"After one session with Lylah,  I was able to delve deep behind a health problem that I had for two years and understand that it was my body's way of communicating to me. After one session with Lylah, I was able to connect with my guides and build a deeper connection with myself. I have never seen anyone so committed to the work like Lylah is. She walks the walks and it shows through in her glow and radiance. I always feel deeply seen and held safely in our sessions. After years of running, I finally feel safe to feel. I feel energized and ready for the new year after her reading and guidance. Her deep intuition and wisdom has been incredibly affirming and clarifying."

Dana Feldman

"Lylah is incredibly detailed and compassionate in her readings and sessions. She takes the time to truly understand the person she is working with. Her readings into the Akashic Records is so thorough and she goes the extra mile to answer any and all questions. She provides her clients with various meditation tools and exercises to help beyond the reading. She is an incredibly kind and patient and generous guide."

About Lylah Grace

Lylah is a channeling healer, harnessing the energies of the Akashic Field. Her journey toward this gift has been cultivated through years of dedicated meditation practices and her profound healing journey. Through her unique abilities, Lylah channels soul guidance for others and facilitates the movement of energies to bring about positive transformations.

Lylah's personal journey of healing has taken her through a labyrinth of challenges, including health issues, addiction, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. Having bravely faced and conquered these demons in her own life, she now dedicates herself to guiding others along their path to healing. She passionately assures them that beyond the seemingly endless pain, only love awaits on the other side.​​

Growing up in a household rifle with daily physical and verbal abuse and emotional neglect, Lylah also endured the hardships of being an immigrant child, subject to bullying and discrimination. These experiences left her profoundly isolated and taught her to view life with the false truths that life and people were unsafe. Her response was to develop an innate sense of self-reliance and to live in isolation for many years due to her inability to trust herself and others. To cope with this isolation and underlying anger, she turned to various addictions as a means of escaping the pain.

A pivotal moment in Lylah's life occurred in 2012 when she experienced her first spiritual awakening. It was during this awakening that she discovered her own power in shaping her reality and established a profound connection to the source. Over the past decade, she has diligently studied and practiced numerous healing modalities, including soul evolution and manifestation, hypnosis, quantum jumping, energy healing, brain reprogramming, and sound healing. These tools have allowed her to master her ability to find healing and love from within, through her unwavering connection to the divine source of love.

Lylah's aspiration is to leverage her personal healing journey, life experiences, and channeling abilities to assist others in their healing process. She seeks to empower them to discover their own inner strength and the source of divine love that resides within them. Lylahs's ultimate goal is to help individuals reconnect with their bodies and souls, enabling them to live lives imbued with soulfulness and love, just as she has crafted for herself despite her challenging past. She fervently wishes for people to tap into the precious power within them, paving the way for a life that is both deeply soulful and abundantly fulfilled.


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